Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last post of March :O

It's April Fool's Day tomorrow!! Just in case you weren't already aware. I have no fools planned, but I'm anticipating a few not so nice surprises from my siblings..
Well to finish off all the posts from March here's a round up of some bits and pieces I've bought this month!!

♥ Bag: Charity Shop purchase! £3!! BARGAIN!! And it's real leather.. I adore it!

♥ Top & Leggings: Charity Shop but originally H&M. £2.99 and £3.99 I think.. Will both be in outfit posts soon!!

♥ Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Eggs: 99p in Home Bargains!!! These babies are so addictive, I'm planning on stocking up before they stop selling them!

♥ BOOOOKS! Borrowed from my library so completely free for one month. I almost bought the 101 Things To Do Before You Diet a couple of months ago but I'm glad I didn't cos I can read it for nothing! Perfick. I'm trying to get into cooking hence the cookery books. ;)

♥ My new bestfriend, and worst enemy. Clare Nasir's Bootcamp: Tesco's £12.97. IT IS SO HARD!! Do not buy this if you want a dead easy workout, but if like me, you wanted something challenging but easy to pick up, then I'd recommend it. I haven't managed to do the whole thing in one go yet (It's over an hour long!!) but I have been doing two 20 minutes sessions every other day and already I'm noticing a difference. Although I am slightly sceptical about her weight loss..

♥ Extra Strong Mints: 59p for three
♥ Nail Varnish Remover: 39p
♥ Toothbrush: 39p
♥ Elvive Full Restore 5 Shampoo & Conditioner: £1.99 each
All from Home Bargains..

♥ Benefit "Finding Mr. Bright": £28.50
My lovely big sister bought this for me from Boots when we went for a free makeup lesson at the Benefit counter. I LOVE it!! I'm determined to make it last for as long as I can though.. I'll do a full review soon!!

Haven't bought a whole bunch this month really, but what I have I'm very pleased with.
Got lots do this evening, including writing a CV, blitzing my bedroom in preparation for my plans this weekend, having a shower and figuring out how to get my hair cut. Better get started!!!

With much love, xx

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  1. Oooh, what a lovely post. I'd love to hear what you think of the Benefit products, especially the erase paste.
    Look at all those bargains from home bargains. That sentence did sound as stupid to me as well. Haha. I always forget to pop in when I'm in town. Maybe this will help me remember.