Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long time no see..

Why good evening to all of my followers!!
I'm very sorry for my absence from Blogger recently.. to be honest I'd given up on this idea of blogging, I'd stopped enjoying it and had not got a clue what to write about any more! I even told my best friend that I wasn't going to do it again. Famous last words!!
Well, I'm back, and hopefully to stay. I suddenly had a bit of inspiration, and even though my tiny little space on the internet is barely noticed, and far from everything I want it to be, I might just re-fall-in-love with rambling, raving and reviewing away as Ibbabelle again. Unfortunately due to a huge lack of time or inclination to post every day, it's more likely that there will be something up once a week to begin with. Who knows whether I'll get obsessed and be posting every few hours?! We'll just have to wait and read..

So! HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone I haven't typed it to yet! I know it's a bit late.. but I hope 2011 is fantastic so far!! It's certainly started out as a great year! Spring is in the air, and I have a few posts lined up but I leave you with a song I am in love with at the moment;

With much love, xx

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