Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a day ahead?

I forgot to do yesterday's post!!! Meh. So frustrated with myself as yesterday was a far more interesting day than today.. However it was also a fairly unconventional day, and there were large chunks of time that I wouldn't of been able to photograph. More about that another day.. I'm gonna do yesterday's post and today's post today, but because yesterday was 'a day in the life of' it won't be up until I've photographed my whole day :)

So day 06 is a picture of a hairstyle I would like to have.

I LOVE this hairstyle!! I found a picture of it in this month's Glamour magazine, and I literally could not stop staring at it! Scarlett looks fantastic!! The colour, texture, and cut.. oh my word I just adore it!! Unfortunately, I'm not sure my hair would look at all like this if I tried to get it styled the same way. And I love my hair as it is.. but still. If I was gonna change it? Maybe this would be what I'd change it to.


With much love, xx

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