Monday, May 16, 2011

day nine..

Day 09 - A picture of my fridge, MTV Cribs style.

Well.. this is my fridge.. it's one of those 'half' fridges that blends into the kitchen cabinets. Bit messy, and jam packed with food for the five hungry people that live under this roof!

If I had complete control over what food was bought and kept in here, things would look very different, but my mum is the one who does the shopping. She does a fantastic job of it too, but obviously she buys for five and therefore there is plenty in the fridge that I don't eat.. whereas when I'm buying for myself it'll only be food I like.
Not sure how interesting this post is, as you can't see most of what's in there but oh well :) I'm days late anyway!!

With much love, xx


  1. Hi hun, loving your blog it's very sweet. Hehe your dad's clever making all that stuff for your room isn't he?
    New follower X