Tuesday, May 10, 2011

picture heavy day five..

Right, prepare yourself for a bucket load of pictures and captions!!!
Day 05 is 'a day in the life of ' in pictures. So here goooes..

Mum woke me at 7.10am this morning, which is ten minutes later than usual.. woop!
The following picture was taken literally as soon as I woke up.

Attractive, no?

Above - What I wear on a normal home school morning. What's the point in dressing up to sit in my living room?

Below - My 'I'm not really awake' face sans makeup or product of any kind.

Above - Breakfast!!! Warm berries with crunchy cereal, pecans, and vanilla yoghurt. Yum! I usually read over breakfast, and my current book is The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers.

Below - School work.

Above - Break time, at 10.15am.. Banana & chocolate milkshake, orange and magazines!!

Below - Back to work after half an hour. I got 88 in a pretest thing.. test tomorrow!!

Above - Lunch at 12.30.. salad stuffed wrap and more reading!

Below - I usually get changed into something more.. attractive.. after lunch in preparation for whatever I've got on in the afternoon.

Above - My slightly more made up face..

Below - Walkies!!! We're really blessed to have plenty of gorgeous places to walk our crazy boxers.

Above - Back to work for a couple of hours.

Below - Then onto blogging!

Above - I drink tea like my life depends on it.. always have one around 4pm.

Below - Playing with the puppy.. she came bounding over a couple of moments after this picture was taken.

Above - Popped over to work to take back these containers and pick up my wages..

Below - .. and the weather was gorgeous!!

Above - Blogging!!

Below - Cuddling my Millie while watching a movie with the 'rents.

Above - On the phone to my lovely boy!!

After this I just spent some time on Facebook and Skype and now I'm off to bed!! Apologies for the stupidly long post, but I hope you got a taste of what a typical Tuesday is for me :)

With much love, xx


  1. aww I loved this post. Millie is so cute. I've never met anyone home schooled before, and it seems more fun than normal school.Well the breaks do anyway, the school bit is the same.lol. I'd love to have been able to go for walks and read my magazines on my school breaks. Then again it was a looong time ago now.
    I really fancy an easter egg now though, but I've eaten all mine. :(

  2. Stripy tops are the best FULL STOP