Friday, May 6, 2011

my sanctuary

I was lucky enough, being in the middle of five kids, to get my own room when I was ten. It was the smallest bedroom, but I was SO excited about it!! Since then in each house we've moved to, my parents have made sure that even if it's tiny, I had my own room. Not an easy feat as we're not exactly loaded ;)

However, when my older brother moved out last year, I was given his bedroom. Which just happened to be the biggest bedroom! I have made it into my dream room, and I adore it . It's taken me quite a while to get it how I like it, but with a lot of help from my family I couldn't be happier with the way it has turned out!

Also just a side note.. I know how incredibly blessed I am to have a bedroom like this. And while it might look like it cost a lot to create.. not one piece of furniture in my bedroom was bought from a shop. I'll explain more under each picture..

So without further adieu.. Welcome to my bedroom!!!

That chest of drawers was sitting in absolute ruins in our garage, but my lovely Dad fixed it up and re-painted it for me! The chair used to be green, so me and my sister painted it white to match the rest of my room.

My desk was made by my Dad from an old bookshelf, a chest of drawers and a large sheet of wood. The chair was second-hand.

My Dad custom made those shelves to fit in that awkward space.. and I helped!

The bed used to be black, but we re-painted it (NOT EASY!!). And after having very little success finding an inexpensive but sturdy white wardrobe, my Dad made me this one from scratch. He even found pretty little doorknobs for me.

I am so blessed, and I hope non of you view this as bragging! I hope some the pics inspired your own creativity about saving money on furniture! If you want more detail about where I got other things in my room, feel free to ask in the comments. I have delighted in finding or making cute decorations for very little cash.

With much love, xx


  1. I wish my dad could make furniture! It looks lovely x

  2. I love your room it looks so cosy. We have the dove/bird ornament on your chest of drawers too. I love it. I also got the smaller one too. x