Friday, May 6, 2011

day two..

Afternoon lovelies!!

Day 02 of the 30 day challenge is a photo of my favourite pair of shoes.. now I could of gone for some gorgeous heels I own which are very close to my heart. But.. I decided to go for some that I've worn non-stop since I bought them..

Not the best picture angle in the world.. especially not for my legs!!

I bought these boots last November in Clarks for about £80. Pricey, I know!! I had longed for a really great pair of leather boots that would last and last, and after a whole day trawling the shops with my Mum we went into Clarks as a last resort and I fell in love. I have yet to see anyone with the same boots, and they are SO comfy and go with absolutely everything!! I adore them and must of worn them every day from November to March. Unfortunately now that it's getting warmer they're not always weather appropriate but I know they will be my staple footwear again next autumn/winter.

With much love, xx

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